Be unable to brush your teeth or use toilet paper again?

  • July 20, 2022

Have you ever had to speak to someone with bad breath? Worse, what if you have to work with that person every day? Welp! Imagine that person is you for a moment. You can have everyone smell your bad breath wherever you go, or just never be able to wipe your behind with toilet paper. Yes, you can use others things such as paper towels, but that gets messy after a while! Right?

If we haven’t convinced you enough, here is a quick quiz to help you decide.

Be unable to brush your teeth or use toilet paper?

How often do you brush your teeth

How often do you poop a day?

Do you always wipe after pooping?

Do you care how others perceive you?

On a scale 1-5; how would you rate your dental health?

Are you okay with washing poopy towels?

Photo by Lark Oral Care on Unsplash